LPD Problems

Hi all,

I am trying to use the lpr supplied with the latest SP of QNX (6.4.3?) to print to a serial printer.

I have found a bug with lpd which is it seems to set the baud rate to a strange number (depends on what baud rate you enter in your printcap) and have confirmed with QNX support that this is indeed a bug.

The problem I have is that my project depends on this and I do not have any budget to get this bug fixed by QNX.

One solution is I could get the lpd source code and fix it myself but after several hours of trying to find the ported qnx6 lpr source code and failing, I have came here for advice / inspiration.

I have also tried setting the ported MOXA driver with a ethernet to serial terminal server. This works by mapping a psudeo terminal to the port on the terminal server. Initially this worked fine but I am now getting the following error when trying to lpr allot of files at once:

ioctl(TIOCEXCL): Resource temporarily unavailable

So it looks like I am stuck to try and get a version of lpr of which I can compile and fix the bug with printing to a serial port or get a parallel to serial convertor.

Sorry if there is way too much information here but I’ve been at this a good few weeks now and have still not been able to setup a serial printer correctly.

Any advice at all would be much appreciated.

David Kolosowski

Just to add this has been fixed in 6.4.0:

PR55791: (search for 55791 at qnx.com/developers/articles/ … ware_fixes).