QNX target can generate the executable file itself?

I have a Winxp machne(Dual OS) with 1) 6.3.2 windows host IDE; 2) QNX 6.3.2 host. And another 6.3.2 target.

  1. Can i generate the executable file run on the remote target in the IDE? Or i must build it on the 6.3.2 qnx host machine.

  2. How can i directly build the executable file on the target without dowloading it from the host machine? In other words, what kind of componets i need to build into the image on the remote target so that the 6.3.2 target can generate the executable file itself?

Thank u. :smiley:

The easiest way to be able to generate an executable on a target, would be to load the target with the host development CD. Otherwise you will have to figure out exactly what files are needed to support the compiler. That can be done, but it won’t be fun.

Thx. True, that would be the most clear way of doing that. But the recommended system configuration for QNX6.3.2 seem to be a little bit high. 2G cpu and 512M RAM?

Depending on size of source file yes you might need lots of ram. However CPU speed you go as low are you are willing to wait …

When QNX 6 first appeared, I recall being told that the os was jerry-rigged so that a process could use paged memory if set up right. This was done supposedly so that the Gnu compiler would run on tighter systems. The standard computer had much less memory than now. I’m wondering if that mechanism is still in place and if the Gnu compiler still uses it. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If that is the case, at more time expense the memory requirements would be much lower. The recommended configuration might be more related to not having programmers tear out their hair than absolute functionality.

Nah I don’t think it’s there anymore.