QNX 4.25 new HDD mounting problem

HI all,

I have been trying to mount a new HDD on QNX 4.25. I was able to see /dev/hd0 and was able to create the required partition using Fdisk. Upon reboot however, I still could not see /dev/hd1t78 and I am stuck until I can make it appear there.

Anything that I am doing wrong or not doing at all?

Note that I can see hd0, hd0t77, hd1 inside /dev

Any help at all would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


Did you do a mount -p /dev/hd1? That should enumerate the partitions on the second drive (if I understand your question correctly)

Thanks for the reply… I missed this part and now it works. but if I may I would like to go to the real point of me doing this.

I really just need to copy /dev/hd0t78 to /dev/hd1t77, any idea on how I can accomplish this using only the existing system?

mount /dev/hd0t78 /src
mount /dev/hd1t77 /dest

Then use cp with the appropriate flags to recursively copy /src to /dest, something like cp -RvN /src /dest

I don’t have a manual in front of me so if links are important to you you’ll need to pick the proper flags to handle them the way you want. If the idea is to make the new drive bootable then you’ll have to make sure the /.boot file is set up properly too.

You don’t even have to mount the partitions on specific filesystems.
You can do the following:

cp /dev/hd0t78 /dev/hd1t77

Be sure that the partition size is the same! (block size using fdisk utility)

Well, that’s the trick, making sure everything is exactly the same. With the file copy it doesn’t care.