I’m wondering if anybody can help me. I’m developing an embedded Photon application that will run on an x86 platform. We want the PC to boot directly into the application, so as few Photon components will be loaded as possible. We would also like there to be a custom screen saver. I’m having a lot of trouble finding any information about screensavers. Ideally I’d like something we can just drop into place.

Can anybody help answer these questions…

  1. Is there a development tool or something to create screensavers similar to those found in /usr/photon/savers? Something that would allow us to rapidly develop a simple screensaver would be ideal.
  2. If not, are there any standard APIs or libraries that ought to be used when writing a screensaver?
  3. Where does savercfg store its configuration?
  4. What invokes the screen saver in Photon? If I load a minimal Photon environment, will the screen saver still be invoked?
  5. Am I better off implementing something directly in the application? Note: I’d greatly prefer to let Photon take care of this than worry about the complications, documentation, and extra testing effort this will add to the code (this is a medical application).