ATI Rage Pro Video Controller

I need to install photon1.14 ( graphics patch B and photon1.14 patch C)
on a Advantech PCA-6179 board with ATI RAGE 128 PRO 4XL video controller.

The standart crttrap utility don’t recognize nor Pg.rage, not Pg.rage128
driver, only Pg.flat, Pg.svga.

Please note me: which driver support ATI RAGE 128 PRO 4XL video controller.
Any /etc/config/trap/crt.1 example with Pg.rage or Pg.rage128 would be very

Thank you.

have you tried to force crttrap to use rage128?
crttrap -Frage128 trap

there is a “new” beta Pg.rage128 that you could try:

if still not work, you might want to check the output of “show_pci” and hardcode your graphics card’s Vendor ID and Device ID to the trap file as -d option to Pg.rage128.

Class = Display (VGA)
Device ID = 4d46h,

edit /qnx4/graphics/trappers/crttrap.list and hardcode those ID:
Pg.rage128 -d0x1002,0x4d46 -T

hopefully, this will make crttrap program to work and generate a crt.X file. If not, you will probably have to hand write your crt.X, something like this:;Pg.rage128 -g1280x1024x32 -d0x1002,0x4d46 -I0 -HNqnx/crt;#1280,1024,32,200,0CBDr,ati_rage128 - ATI Rage 128 / Rage 128 Pro

you get the idea.