QNX Assembler

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I have written a mixed C and Assembly code for x86 processor using calling conventions. I am using automatically generated Makefile from QNX C project for building executable file. When I build the project, I am getting errors because of assembly file not being assembled. I think this problem is due to not invoking the Assembler properly. I have saved the assembly file in *.asm format. Can anyone please let me know the settings/options I have to set in the QNX momentics IDE to invoke the assembler along with the compiler and linker. I actually want to invoke the assembler using automatically generated make file.

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QNX uses the GNU toolchain, and therefore the assembler is gasm. As you may, or may not, be aware gasm does not assemble MASM style assembly code (usually associated with a .asm extension).

This is simply a function of GNU vs. MASM (microsoft assembler), and is unrelated to QNX itself. If the code you have is written in MASM, you’ll need to port it to gasm.

You may recall that the “big thing” about ‘C’ when it came out in 1972 was that it was portable assembler. Now you know why this was a “big thing” :frowning: