drivers for linux => qnx

hi everybody :slight_smile:
i’m new user on this forum…
've started to use qnx, but qnx did not recocnize my sound card (ali), so i checked for the drivers, but they are for linux (not found for qnx)…
i had a look, but i can not translate it myself, so is there a way to port those drivers to qnx?
thx for reply:-)
c u

It can be done, but it is a decent amount of work. Come onto irc on on the channel #qnx and talk to lestat. He has done 2-3 drivers.

What sound device are you trying to drive? Have you checked QNX Online to see if any of the drivers there will work?

thx for the reply…
i’ll try to check qnx online…
i would like to use the irc, but the only i have to cruise the net is at the university, and there is a b*** m*** f*** proxy / firewall that don’t allows me to chat on irc, as use emule or anything that need a open port…
but i’m searching to pass throught this proxy…
well, i’ll continue my research and i’ll tell u the results…
c u :slight_smile:

If you have ALI 5451 (M1535,M1535D,M1535+,M1535D+), then you need take a look at the ALSA project here: … i/ali5451/ it’s easiest way to port driver for QNX6.

if you have another ALI chipset then you’re unlucky :slight_smile: They (AcerLabs Inc) starting using trident 4dwave hardware in their chiipset logic, but port of the trident driver is much harder and useless, because QSS already have trident driver, but it doesn’t know anything about the SISes and ALIs chipsets :slight_smile:

Anyway you need to make port of driver because nothing existing drivers for ALIs :slight_smile:

thx too for the link and info :slight_smile:
i don’t remenber the exact name of my sound card. i’ll check as soon as possible… ( qnx is install on an pc not connected to the net…).
i also have to check which librairies the driver i have needs to works, and check if they r on qnx package…
c u soon, i’l give news as soon i’ll have :slight_smile:

Since you can post here, I thought you can use the “Live QNX Support”
on this page. It connect to same irc cdm is talking about I believe.

thx for advincing :slight_smile:
i’ve try and it work :slight_smile:
so i’ll be soon there…
c u.

hi :slight_smile:
well, so i’ve ben to the link on sourceforge, but as it’s a linux’ driver, i guess i have to find all the librairies called in the prog… but all the *.h files r the same for linux / qnx or r there some differences? i think it should be quite easy to find (if i don’t find them, i should come back again :slight_smile: )… but after that, do have to modifie the source file (moreover the #include ) ?
and once i have modify the source file, what should i do? have i to re compil the kernel?
i will try to go soon on
c u