R/W access to HD with qnx 4.xx partitions

Hello all,
I’ve an HD with qnx 4.xx partitions (I suppose this due to the fact that PartitionMagic reported 4Dh-4Eh-4Fh type of partitions plus another one).
How can I access to this HD for read/write operations from laptop usb port ?
Do I need qnx 4.25 installed or better higher version (6.x) ?
Of course I’m a newbye for qnx …
Thanks for any help.


To access a QNX 4 partition, either QNX 4 or QNX 6 will work. When you say, access from a laptop usb port, do you mean that the drive is in an external enclosure with a usb interface? In that case, QNX 6 will probably be your best bet since the usb support is much better. With the latest version, you should be able to just plug in the drive, and see the partitions under /fs.

Yes, this is exactly what I need to do !

Thanks for the hint.


I’ve just installed QNX 6.21 NC but (without any change) it seems non able to auto-mount USB disk from /dev to /fs.
Is it due to NC limitations or do I have to do something … ?
Thanks again.



6.21 does not automagically start the USB driver. You’ll need to do that yourself.

If you can, I’d recommend downloading 6.3 NC. The USB support improved quite a bit between 6.21 and 6.3 so that USB is automagically started.