Device Driver beginner

I am beginner in device drivers! :unamused:
Please help me writing a Network device driver for QNX4, or provide me with doument or document link where I can refer?


As I told you in a different post all there is a file Net.fd under /etc/readme/technotes/. ( from memory)

If you are a beginner you are probably going to find this extremely challenging.

Especially since QNX4 is a 18 year old legacy O/S with only sustaining support (i.e. no new dev support).

I know of only 2 people ( I heard rumor of a third) that wrote a Net.fd driver. Of course that doesn’t mean that more people did it. But that gives you an idea of what you are getting into.


Was I one of the ones you were thinking of?   I did write a Net.fd driver at one time, but I can't even remember what the hardware was.   Maybe parallel?   Not very practical for the odd reason that the cable had to be custom made, so that the interface was symmetric.    In any case, the  non-hardware aspects of the driver were close to trivial.  Read and Write, and not much else.   Still you are write that it would be challenging for a newbie to get it working.

Yes it was you, the other one is me (it was for a wireless network card) and the third one I heard of was some inside a company that did one.

That being said this is not something I’d be willing to help anybody with mainly a newbie, through something like a forum or email… Just pointless

Well, you did point him in the right direction.

Thanks for the Inputs!
I found pci_device_attach() and pci_attach() methods to attach driver to pci device. I guess methos are for QNX6, can you please help me in finding similer methoda for QNX4?


Check for functions that start with CI_PCI_… or something like that ( from memory)

I looked into Net.fd file, not helped much.
Does any one worked on writing ethernet driver for QNX4. If you have open source link for QNX, please provide me.


QNX4 is not open source. The Net.fd file in the readme directory is all you will get.

Is it possible to get the sample code for ethernet driver in QNX6.
It will be great If U could help me!


You can down load it, but it won’t help you with QNX 4.

From where I can download?

Do we have <sys/io-net.h> header file compatible with QNX4.
Please help me :question: