DRIVER for usb modem please

i have qnx6.2 and i am a new user. i have D-LINK USB (DX-56PU).i cannot connect to net .is this a driver problem? if so where can i find driver?anybody who know help this newbie

USB modem (or any serial device over USB) are no suppported.

hi mario.oh no . there are drivers for linux how can i port them to qnx …how?
can i connect usb to serial connector and try something?

I don’t know about Linux USB driver to give you an estimate on the effort for the port. My guess is it’s a lot of work. There is a DDK to develop USB device.

That being said, it would probably be cheaper/simpler to get a modem with serial port -) A USB to Serial might to do job but will probably cost more then a modem.

thank u mario. doesnt that require any driver?

good news is QNX does have a serial port driver :slight_smile:

oh no i have tried serial modem but that doesn’t seem to work please help :frowning:

is it an external or internal modem?
if it is internal, there are chances that it is a WinModem (or software modem), which is NOT supported under QNX.