qnx6 - telnet help

At my workspace we have a bunch of QNX6 servers set-up as gateways for our use. To develop and build code, we are distributed on various ones. There is one annoyance with the one I am assigned to when using telnet or ftp. This server seems to have no name association with it’s IP. So I always have to type in the IP to get it to work and I can’t just type "telnet ". The QNX admin is too busy to worry about something like this so I wanted to look into it myself.

Any suggestions?

I have a strong understanding of UNIX/Linux, still learning a lot of QNX.


put in your /etc/hosts (linux)
or C:\Windows\system32\etc\hosts (windows)

IP Name

xx.xx.xx.xx mydesiredqnx mydesiredqnx.local

after this you can “telnet mydesiredqnx”

This is NOT the fault of the QNX Admin.
Its just a nameserver setting or a local hostfiile setting.

Thanks for the help!

BTW, I never said it was the admins fault, just that he is my first contact for help since this is his specialty.