QNX4 openntpd3.9p1 gcc debugging

Hello QNX masters.

I’m actual trying to bring the openntpd3.9p1 to run under QNX4.
I use a QNX4 system with watcom10.6 on an up to date pachlevel.

For the compilation of the openntpd3.9p1 I installed the gcc from

The compilation itself and the setup to start the ntpd (like faking a /dev/urandom) is no problem.
Only the ntpd is not working properly and therefore I tried to debug it with the watcom debugger. But there are no global or local symbols visible in the wd.

Therefore my question:
Is there any way to see global or local symbols in the wd if the code is generated from gcc?
(Incompatibility between wd and stabs)
Is there may be another way to debug gcc generated code like it is described for Neutrino in
qnx.com/developers/qnx4/qnx4 … ?code=9464

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the fast response.

Is this NO for my maybe silly way to debug gcc code with the wd and this is based on gcc produces stabs and the wd expects watcom, dwarf or codeview debug info.

Or does this NO means: dont waste your time with searchin for any way?