PCMCIA/PCCard Fails with Netgear WG511 Wireless adapter

I have attached a Texas Instrument PCMCIA CardBus to my system and it seems that QNX6 does support the device as per
qnx.com/developers/hardware_ … l?pccard=1

Texas Instruments  	TI1420  	104ch: ac51h  	devp-pccard  	 X86

Also I have attached a Netgear WG511 Wireless Card on the PCMCIA CardBus but I am not able to get it working.

Here are some of my outputs from the commands:

sloginfo | less

Apr 12 17:00:16    5    18     0 devp-pccard: Found Vendor 104c - Device ac51
Apr 12 17:00:16    2    18     0 pci attach failed
Apr 12 17:00:16    2    18     0 devp-pccard: No PCMCIA or CardBus Adapters found - exiting

Not sure why does it says “pci attach failed”


Sock  Func Type    Flags            PID    Base          Size  IRQ
1          Empty   ----MF---------- None
1          Empty   ----MF---------- None
2     0    0xfe00  C---I-+---X--SAW 73745  0xf0104000    8192   11   
2          Empty   ----MF---------- None

Looks like QNX is fine with PCMCIA CardBus hardware but it does not like Netgear device. Is that correct?

Any one???