I have QNX 6.2.0 and I have a Sis 900 network ethernet. I thought this version supports the sis900?

When I installed it wasn’t running my ethernet, so I tried running
io-net -d sis9 -p tcpip

and it said device not found

but when I search for it, I see it in the dll directory…

What gives?


Check the output of pci -vvv , and look for your nic card. It should give you some info on vendor id and bus id. Try passing those as parameters to your nic driver (to see those options do a “use /lib/dll/”). Parameters for options are comma (not whitespace) delimited.

If that still not work, you are probably out of luck. As far as I know, QNX’s sis driver only supports a subset of SIS900 NICs :frowning:

There is a new sis9 driver, on

The “device not found” is the driver saying it doesn’t find any devices it can drive.