USB printer with enhanced controller problem. QNX 6.3.2

I experience “missing (corrupted) dataâ€


I’ve also experienced a similar problem with the USB printer connected to a Enhanced USB Controller. The printer would print the first page ok, and thereafter would print the page at incorrect scale or just hold up the printer completely i.e. continuously send data to the printer stopping the spooler from printing any further jobs.

The only way I got around this was for my Photon Momentics application, to “slay deuv-prn”, and immediately reactive the “devu-prn” driver therafter. This was done before its print operation was executed. This resulted in my application printing pages with mininal problems. I still get the odd case where the USB printer or its spooler “hangs”, and I have to recycle power to the USB printer.
I have reported this particular problem to the technical support and this was the response:

Add in the rc.local file:
devu-prn &
waitfor /dev/usbpar0 10
spooler -d /dev/usbpar0

I wonder if it not a problem with the “devu-prn” comamnd itself?

I trust this may offer some light for your problem.