mplayer on qnx 6.3.1

How can i stop the mplayer terminal output, so that i can control it from an application?
Also, any help on configuring mplayer to run as fast as possible for an embedded media application?

Are you working in x86 or ppc architechture ?
mplayer offer a slave mode. for controlling it you must use QT application:
TVPlayer=new QProcess( );
TVPlayer->addArgument( “mplayer” );
TVPlayer->addArgument( “-wid” );
TVPlayer->addArgument( “-slave” )

to control mplayer.
sprintf(LocalStdout , “osd_show_text %d-%s 4000\n”, channelnumber, ChannelName);

I’m looking for a version of mplayer running on qnx 6.3 on ppce architechture. where can i found it?

Is there is even a recent one that works on 6.3? There is an outdated floating around, I know.