What commands do I use to find system resources?

I’m a newby and have booted up QNX momentics on a PC. How do I find out (using command line commands) system configuration parameters, like how much RAM memory my system has, what processor it uses, what IDE drives are there, etc.

I see that a GUI tool ‘system information perspective’ is available under the IDE, but my IDE does not come up (a bug I have not had a chance to track down yet) , and due to memory constraints I can’t run it while I build big programs.

Hello Jzouck ,
Please try:

pidin info
pidin arg
pidin mem


Thanks! I got almost all of what I needed with ‘pidin info’:

$ pidin info
CPU:X86 Release:6.3.2 FreeMem:192Mb/255Mb BootTime:Apr 11 09:27:16 EDT 2008
Processor1: 1586 Intel ?86 F15M0S10 1384MHz FPU