Copying file with Long file name.

I have QNX4. for my old CNC machine.

I need to backup some of data, but I named them a long name.

Like “10mm35radiusDshape”, or something like that…

When I try to copy it,

cp //3/data/10mm35radiusDshape.txt //3/dos/a/10mm/35radiusDshape.txt

machine says,

Couldn’t open destination file, File name is too long.

Also same in directory copying.

cp -r //3/data/ //3/dos/a/data/

I can’t copy anything, except file that has short name.

How can I copy Long name files?..

I apologize my poor english.

from your post i guess you are trying to backup to a dos partition?
Old Dos just supports 8+3 → 12345678.123 Filenames

So copy it to r35Dform.txt for example