How to connect Traget with Host using serial port

hi all,

          Thanks for the reply,
           But still i am getting the same problem with "Error -permission denied"
          i followed following steps
          1. you must establish a working serial connection between your host and target machines.

               devc-pty &
              pdebug /dev/ser1 &
              stty  </dev/ser1     it shows baudrate(57600)
             2.Debugging via PPP:
               Setting up  target.To configure your target for PPP:

                    1. Create a file named options in the directory 
                   2. If it's not already running, start io-net with this command:
                      io-net -ptcpip -ppppmgr

                    3. Type the following command to start the PPP daemon:


                     4. Type the following command to start the qconn target agent:


After the above steps i tryed "Debugging "
Launch Configuration dialog
“C/C++ Qnx Pdebug (serial)”

      i am getting 

             "Failed Lunching Serial Debugger"
                Error initializing: /dev/com1: Permission denied             

       Steps i followed are correct only or not  ?

      please help me in this issue