How to Test 3D Acceleration?

I am using QNX 6.3.2 Neutrino Host. Photon is using the driver “devg-i830” for my graphics chipset.

How can I know if 3D acceleration is enabled or not on my system? Is there any command to do that? For example, in Linux we would give the command: “glxinfo” to check 3D acceleration.

There is no 3D acceleration at all only 2D.

Thank for your reply. Do you mean that the i830 driver does not have 3D capability or in general QNX does not support 3D acceleration?

In general QNX does not support 3D. I know of only one driver that supports it but it’s targeted at embedded device. I’m told that internaly they have driver for other type of card ( ATI ) but as far as I know nothing made it out to the general public. It’s my impression this is dealty with on a customer by customer basis by the custom engineer group.

Ok. Makes much more clear now. Thanks.