Is make file need to be changed when we change the code


   I didn't worked  with QNX i don't wether in QNX make file will be gerenated automaticaly or not.

       suposse i have 2 projects
       project1 with Function definition Ex "print ()";
       project2  contains main( )  and Print () call.

   when i run the project2 i am not getting required out.

 should i need to change make file?
  or need to include .exe ,then how to do
   or any other way to do?

can any body please help me


You wuold build project 1 as library and bind project 2 to the library.

Or you would merge them an have one big project ^^

Hello Amarnath,
Don’t change makefiles if it is a QNX project. Instead do the following:

  1. Right click on project with main in C/C++ projects view
  2. Select Properties
  3. Select QNX C/C++ Project
  4. Select Compiler
  5. Select Extra Sources Paths
  6. Add your project with Print ()