EtherNetIP Driver

I’ve found a working EtherNetIP driver written for Windows. It uses the Berkley Sockets style socket API therefore it appears possible to port it to QNX 4.25. However, in taking a closer look, one of the socketoptions is IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP to add the Multicast IP to the IP_PROTO’s inbound and outbound filters. The options does not seem to be defined anywhere with the QNX include files.

Does anyone know if or how to support Multicasting in QNX 4.25 TCP/IP?

Also, does anyone know of any other source packeages that have already been ported to QNX 4.25 supporting the Industrial EtherNetIP protocol?

We bought one from Pyramid solution. The EthernetIP protocol is quite complex. That being said yes QNX 4.25 support multicast and the IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP just make sure you have TCP/IP 5.0