TeleCast SEECOR - "Pflags: 60200 Intmask for irq 5: 0&q


I’m trying to rescue an old TeleCast SEECOR, a sort of audio mixer with an AMD 133 Mhz, 4 MB RAM, 23 MB HDD and a lot of strange peripherals. It can be connected by serial laplink to a TeleCast SEECTOR.

The owner of these two machines tried to build a crossover cable, but probably it short-circuited. The SEECTOR works fine, but on SEECOR appeared this message:

Pflags: 60200
Intmask for irq 5: 0

Then, the system hangs. If I try CTRL-ALT-DEL, after a lot of time I get repeated messages “Unable to kill kernel thread”.

With a boot floppy, I checked the filesystem: it was little damaged. Then I edited /etc/config/sysinit and disabled a script called /usr/local/seecor/bin/seecor.

Now I can enter the console, and I’ve found that the script launches two services, qserver and transputerIO-2. The error message is showed by the latter.

I cloned the original system (with /usr/local/seecor enabled) into an image file and then booted it into QEMU:

Unable to locate adapterPlags: 60200
Intmask for irq 5: 0
<tio2_rx> Located process: /TeleCast/transputerIO-2
QNX device /dev/fd0 adopted as DOS drive ‘/dos/a’
[1://1/dev/con1]//1/$<tio2_rx> Located process: /TeleCast/qserver
<tio2_tx> Process register ok: /TeleCast/qserver

Since in QEMU the system doesn’t hang, I think that it’s probably a hardware problem. How can I find the device associated to IRQ 5? Installing a standard QNX 4.25 system and then the SEECOR’s stuff could be a good idea?

Thank you,