RAS on Neutrino..

Is it possible to make my QNX6 machine as dial-up server (Remote Access Server)? What should I do to make that happen?


Yes it is. I went with pppd and chat for answering. There is a complete thread on this at qdn.public.qnxrtp.os. Look for “pppd dial-in server” in the subject. Randy covers it very well.

To save you dig into the old NNTP posts, here are quotes from that thread:

From where could I get the latest pppd daemon? I tried the procedure above but it still failed…

Can you define “latest” ? :slight_smile:
Every QNX release should include /usr/sbin/pppd. You probably can’t just copy pppd from a newer QNX to an older one.
I have seen lots of people with success using the pppd that comes with QNX6.

BTW, since you are trying to setup a dialup server, you might consider using tools like “mgetty”. There is actually a talk in qdn.public.qnxrtp.os today about this tool.

You might want to contact Matt from ruzz.com to find out more …

:unamused: Actually I was just referring to what Randy said (quoted in the previous reply). Maybe I should check the mgetty thing out ya. Hoping it’d be easier :smiley:

Seems that information above doesn’t fit with my condition, does it? Guess that Randy was using QNX4 rather than QNX6. That’s why it didn’t work. Am I correct? :slight_smile:

In the first line of Randy’s quote, he mentioned “/etc/system/enum/include/net”, so it is QNX6.

But some of the options in the /etc/ppp/options file are not supported by pppd on QNX6.2.1.

At last it works after I add a modem reset (ATZ) command and remove unnnecessary others.

I know pppd should be able to read /etc/passwd. This is done when you enable the flags login and +pap. Unfortunately, these are the options that are not working atm. At least, not on my 6.2.1 box. Does any one know if there is a newer ‘qnx’ version of pppd available that is able to read /etc/passwd. I really don’t want to use mgetty. I really like the ttys approach. Clean and simple.


The problem is fixed later. But I am not sure where you can
get the fixed one :frowning: “Next Release” for sure :slight_smile:

In the mean time, your only solution would be prepare /etc/ppp/pap-secrets, it is plain text, but at least you
can restrict access (only allow root read) on it.