openwatcom qnx4

Hello QNX Masters.

I’m actually compiling the openssh5.01 using the Watcom10.6 toolchain.
Therefore I changed several ‘long long’ to ‘long’ and followed the description of KBOB porting openssh-4.01.

Now I want to get rid of the ‘long long’ hacks to use the openssh complete.
Therefore I’m really interested in the OW6RC1 I’ve seen on several threads here.

Where can I get the OW6RC1 ?

br, Panda

It somewhat incomplete and buggy ( although someone managed to build openssh with it).

I put the project on hold for lack of time and for more interesting stuff ;-) There was also no more then 10 person that sounded really interested ( they all wanted it for free of course).

To really get the project going and be able to make it a solid solution I would need some help from QNX to get some source to rebuild the library and some tools like cc. I’m not really looking forward to dealing with QNX on that front ;) But if someone from QNX is reading this and is interested, you know how to reach me.

Thanks for the fast response.

May be that someone from QNX is reading these and hopefully knows that my company buys approx. 100 QNX4 licenses with photon and tcp/ip each year!

We NEED a more up to date compiler to port stuff.

Yeah but unless you stop buying it, they have no incentive ;-)

I’d guess they prefer you switch to QNX6…

Mario, I think it’s more than a guess.

But I can not switch to QNX6 now.

If QNX Software Systems really wants to act like in … tter_3.pdf
they should not set a thumbscrew.

If there will be a migration away from QNX4 there are other opportunities;)
The Eclipse and the gnu toolchain is there for different OS:)

The migration discussion I have all day in company :frowning:

All I see here is a commitment to support hardware. This is very valuable if you have an existing and fairly mature product whose code will not change much. By providing hardware support they are avoiding a customer who just wants to sell their product from getting shafted. Supporting an upgrade to a now open source compiler is an invitation to further development on QNX 4, something I do not think they are very interested in. QNX 4 is what it is and if it is not adequate as is, they want you to upgrade.