Processes and threads...

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to understand and use all the process creation (spawn, fork) and IPC (pipes, shared memory and stuff) tools that QNX offers, which, unless i’m not getting the concept right, I think are what gives QNX the “real time” part… am I wrong?:$…

My problem is that, since all those concepts are kind of abstract (at least for me) I’m having troubles finding the way to use them in a real application… Does anybody know or has an application code, or know where i can find one that helps me deal with this? or a tutorial (besides the one that comes with QNX help), anything… i would really appreciate it… Thanks in advance!


This book may help you

I think are what gives QNX the “real time” part… am I wrong?:$…quote]

Yes. Linux and Windows have similar concept and yet they aren’t as real time as QNX.

It their implementation that makes them real-time. Yet they can’t make miracles and won’t make a bad design real-time :wink:

Getting Started with QNX Neutrino 2: A Guide for Real-time Programmers
Author: Robert Krten

Thanks! I’ll try to get the books. =)

Thanks! I’ll try to get the books. =)

Somebody knows where to get a cheaper version? This seems to be a kind of antique ^^

Cheaper version of the books? I see that they indicate that the books are unavailable. You might want to try contacting Robert to see if he knows where they can be obtained. I recall talking to him a year or so ago, and I think that the rights to one of the books was bought out by QNX, although they were taking their time about getting it reprinted. And there is always eBay. I think someone might have snatched up the remaining copies in order to profit.