Troubles with PtTrend

On my interface I have a button which when activated realizes a container widget holding some text widgets on top of a PtTrend widget. The trend widget continues to get data posted to it after the container widget is realized.

The initial result is what I wanted, a container on top of a PtTrend widget. However, as new data gets posted to the trend widget the parts of the container which overlap the trend widget are scrolled away. When enough data gets posted to the trend widget, all of the container widget which overlapped the trend widget is scrolled away leaving what looks like a trend widget on top of a container widget.

This is not what I was expecting, and certainly not what I wanted.

Any hints as to what is going on here?

I have trouble with the PtTrend widget as well. I have seen it scroll the right edge of its border into the data area when I alt-tab. My guess is these are visual glitches and the PtTrend widget needs to be fixed. I never opened a support ticket on it because we don’t plan on using the PtTrend widget in our final application. If you have a support contract you can though. In the meantime, unfortunately, you’ll probably have to figure out some type of work-around.

I’m trying to come up with a work around…

Have you tried using the MTrend widget?
Does exhibit the same behavior?