QNX4 + DHCP Client

Hello guys,
This is my first time trying to use the dhcp.client in QNX4 and I was able to make it work but I’m having some issue.

dhcp.client -i en2 &
if_up en2

The server is updating my resolv.conf and i can ping it.


  1. /etc/dhcp/dhcp-up
    the dhcp.client is not updating that file. Anyone know why?

  2. Inetd isn’t working
    Can we still run service such as telnet, ftp with a dhcp client?

Thanks in advance

1 ) I don’t think it is suppose to do that
2 ) What happens if you run inetd -d,

Inetd run only on en1 but doesn’t work with en2 which is the one with dhcp. I will try with the debug switch.

Inetd doesn’t care about which interface the connection comes from. Check with netstat -an, all port in LISTEN mode have a wildcard address.

Maybe it’s en1 that conflict with en2. Can you post the output of ifconfig en1 and en2 plus the content of /etc/resolv.conf

I know

If I’m not using the DHCP client then inetd work on both interfaces.
I’m off for the week-end. I will post something on Monday about my configuration.

Thanks for helping