defining QNX mount points


I am setting up a new network as a replica of our aleady established network.

I have a QNX4.25 set of nodes on which few directories are mounted directories belonging to NFS (Red Hat Linux).

I dont have any clue about where to put details of all mount points on QNX machines. Also on my established network I endup getting no results from command showmount.

Any help in this regard will be highly apprciated.

I am not a proper network adminitrator but am a software developer. If anyone can please suggest a good tutorial on QNX network administartion that would be great help.

Thanks and Regards

There is nothing special about QNX “network” administration. Any book on Unix would be applicable. There is (IIRC) a automount for QNX4, but it’s been a long time (QNX4 is more than 12 years old). You can certainly create all your mounts by placing commands in the sysinit script.