I.MX31 image loading issue.

I am currently working on freescale 's imx31 ADS. I am having problems to load qnx image (bsp-freescale_imx31.ifs)

RedBoot> load -r -b 0x00100000 bsp-freescale_imx31.ifs
Using default protocol (TFTP)

It exits after some time without giving the message “Raw file loaded 0x00100000-0x002300d3, assumed entry at 0x00100000” that has to appear after successfull image download.

I get the prompt back:
RedBoot> run 0x00100000

The system hangs at this point and I do not get the QNX Neutrino welcome Msg.

Can anybody guide me?

Thanks and Regards,

Hello Sakshar,
Make sure your TFTP server is running and there are no network problems.

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

I was getting a network error earlier and I resolved it by configuring tftp.

Thanks and Regards,

From what you say its loaded the image successfully, and even the run command is correct. I know this may seem obvious but which serial port are you connected to? redboot will use both, however the default image from the QNX BSP for the ADS board only uses the top uart (ext A).