Level One (Realtek) network card troubles

I have some troubles with a Level One PCMCIA network
card. It should be a Realtek-compatible one.

Unfortunately, I’ve found docs that it is supported
by older QNX (maybe 4 ?) but not by the new one.

Is it true ?
If not, how can I configure it ?

The output of pin is:
Sock Func Type Flags PID Base Size IRQ
1 Empty ----MF-----
1 Empty ----MF-----
1 Empty ----MF-----
1 Empty ----MF-----

The output of nicinfo is:
nicinfo: Could not open: /dev/io-net/en0,
(No such file or directory)

I’ve tryed starting io-net “by hand” with the
realtek network driver and using the iobase/irq
parameters returned by linux, but nothing worked.

Suggestions ?

Thanks for any kind of help.

Here is a quote from cdm, maybe it will help you.

Nope … it’s the first thing I’ve tryed …

What’s the date of the driver? ls -l /lib/dll/devn-rtl.so

Jan 18 2003

that IS the latest version. are you sure it is realtek compatible? did “sloginfo” show anything useful when you manually start io-net? (“sloginfo -c” to clear it log first). You might want to pass “verbose” to io-net eg io-net -d rtl vid=0x???,did=0x???,verbose=10

oh wait, I just read your post again, your “pin” output doesn’t even have the card. are you sure the card was in there when you ran the “pin”? if so, it seems QNX’s PCCARD driver doesn’t support this network card. You could try “slay devp-pccard” and restart it (play with different options, “use /sbin/devp-pccard”). eg: try to override the irq: devp-pccard -l 10,11 &

Basically, you will have to make sure “pin” can “see” it before you can play with “io-net”. This following page should give you more details on the PCCARD driver:
qnx.com/developer/docs/momen … ccard.html

Now, what does “legacy (PCMCIA) mode” mean ?
Because, maybe it’s a cardbus problem …
It is written on the page that you gave me.

I’ve tryed thousands of different parameters to
the daemon, but no way … it does not work.
I tryed to use another card (same model) to check
if mine was broken, but nothing, same behaviour.

Do you think that the “evaluation version” have
the same drivers of the “non-commercial version” ?

Unfortunately, me and my team will have to drop
the QNX idea, because our current test environment
have to deal with those cards (we have some laptops
to make demos around, and all of them have the same

so in either case, your “pin” doesn’t show anything? something must be wrong here, maybe your controller is not supported …

I would suggest you click “live support” on the this site, and talk to “cdm” and see if he can find anything wrong with your controller.