Via 6105 Rhine-III and


I ve problems getting my via 6105 Rhine-III Network Adapter to work.

io-net -d via-rhine gives me a no such device error

io-net -d ne2000 -ttcpip if=en0: executes silent but when i try to ping my dsl-routers ip-addresse ( i get the error network down … what am i doing false??

thx in advance,

Its not an ne2000. You want to force the did and vid values to the via-rhine driver…

io-net -d via-rhine vid=0x???,did=0x???

You can get the ??? values from the output of pci. Tried to tell you this on IRC but you left before I could reply! :slight_smile:


thanks für your reply … i tried this yesterday … i used did and vid from pci -vv but this did not work ;-( (no such device error)



okay - try also passing in verbose=10 after the did value and check sloginfo. See if it reports anything.