QNX Network query..

hi frenz,

I have setup QNX 6.3.2 on VMWARE server and the current platform for vmware on my pc is winxp. I am really a new to vmware.
I want to know how can i run my network up on qnx using vmware which setting is the best?

  1. Bridged
  2. NAT
  3. HOST

Which to use. :blush: ?
Actually when i created the Vm machine using bridged physical network then i got the IP : , now from this IP i am not able to connect to others host machines, when i ping from this it doesnot respond…and when i try other side that is windows, ping to the Qnx ip is not responding?
How can i connect to other PC’S by using ftp or smb share i.e fs-cifs.
I want to share some executables which are in Winxp drive on
Qnx momentics 6.3.2?
How can i accomplish the task.?
Plz provide me the other way out for sharing?


Hello Sudhanshu,
If you are using bridged network and got the IP : it was set by dhcp.client. So the VM is connected to your LAN and is not different from a “realâ€

Hi ysinitsky,
It works properly on BRIDGED…
All things are workin fine…
THANKS … :laughing: