stl debugging with gdb

So I have an app using a lot of STL containers that is crashing. And I think something is awry with how one of the stl containers is being used. I have downloaded a .gdbinit file that has some useful stl printing functions, but they don’t work with the qnx version of gdb/gcc/c++libs is my guess. is there any advice out there?


I’ll assume you know how to run dumper to create core files to do post mortem debugging on crashing apps.

So when you look at the core file to see where the crash is actually occuring in your app what do you see that makes you think it’s STL related?


I just want to know what is being put into some of these containers to help figure out what is going on. I don’t think the STL is bad, I just want to know what is inside there and if someone is putting junk values in.