How to update qconn?

i could not realize online debugging the target because of outdated qconn.
I tried to update in this way in the ide 4.0.1:
Help–>Software Updates–>Qconn Updates…

no effects, seemed updated already. and i have copied the qconn binary on my host to the target file system, still the same. could anyone help? thx

The steps you have described will update qconn on your host.
It is also necessary to update qconn on the target. How you do this depends on your target system; you might have to build a new image, or you might simply have to copy the new version to your target
Please check: Momentics IDE 4.0 User’s Guide->Preparing Your Target->Host-target communications->Installing qconn update.

thx, qconn now is up to date on the target.

When you update the IDE to a new version, it has a qconn update as well, but you have to manually install it (Help–>Software Updates–>Qconn Update).

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i have wrote a qnx c program but i couldn’t run it. when i click to run, IDE qsk about “target” but i couldn’t create a target. :frowning:
i’m working with IDE6.4 on windows.
thx to read my que,

This is a wild guess on my part, but let me throw this out to you.
If you downloaded the QNX 6 Windows version, you downloaded a development environment only. Your computer is running Windows, so it will not run QNX programs. You need a QNX system to run QNX programs. That is the “target”. Here are some options to get going.

  1. Download the QNX hosted version and install it on a computer. Then you can develop and run on the same computer. The downside is that Eclipse doesn’t work very well.
  2. Get a computer to test on. You could install QNX as in 1) and then use it as your target. You will need a network connection to this computer.
  3. Get VMWare and create a virtual target machine. I’ve heard that this can be done, but I don’t know the details.

QNX provide an VMware image, prebuild. Its somewhere in the download area. All you need is to get it and the free vmware player and youre good to go.