qnet problem under qnx 6.3.2

I have a qnx 6.3.2 machine and qnx6.3.2 target, i wanna the two to transfer data via qnet.
i was able to start them via “mount -T io-net /lib/dll/npm-qnet.so” and the two could ping thru each other, but under /
net of the target, there was no qnx host there. when i changed another host machine, then /net had the host name.

And another problem is that when the qnx host started, it popped up:
"Unable to mount a qnx4 file systems as fs/hd0-qnx4 on /dev/hd0t79 (Corrupted file system detected), may the qnet
problem be the result of this?

Hello Ericxx,
"Unable to mount a qnx4 file systems as fs/hd0-qnx4 on /dev/hd0t79 (Corrupted file system detected)
May the qnet problem be the result of this?â€

but, under /net it will display itself, just could not see other machine’s names. so npm-qnet.so should be okay. i started qnet via “mount -T io-net /lib/dll/npm-qnet.so”

Are the two machines x86 with a standard installation from CD, or customized boot scenario?

You cannot Qnet between different endianess (e.g. x86 <–> PPC), and problems have also been reported when qneting between different architectures (e.g. x86 <–> ARM LE)

Also note that npm-qnet.so is actually a symbolic link. Is it pointing to the same binary on both machines?

This error message

seems to me not related to the QNet problem, since there seems to be a second partition that the boot program tries to mount. The first partition, where the OS resides, is usually mounted under /.



“When I changed another host machine, then /net had the host nameâ€

no, the other did not have the corrupted file system display, may this be the reason? but the “wrong” machine can display itself under /net.

Check if both qnet stacks running in same resolver mode.
Keep in mind that if you use file or dns resolver you probably need modify some files on both sides.

If it does not help then check this link:
community.qnx.com/sf/discussion/ … l.topc2228
I had similar problem before… library was missing…

It is not a case any longer. In 6.3.2 with l4 qnet this works perfectly. :smiley:

thx, i checked, i have the libsocket.so → libsocket.so.2. how should i check the association between qnet and libsocket.so, and have changed all the hardware with the qnet-working one, still the same problem. seems i have no other way out but reinstall qnx. :cry:

“When I changed another host machine, then /net had the host nameâ€

i think so, anyway, i am now thinking another way of downloading my files on the host to the target point to point? i have setup the remote debug session in Momentics IDE 4.0.1, but i could not find a way of upload and download files to and from the remote target? any ideas? thx

Use the Target Navigator View or the integrated TFTP client. Check Momentics IDE user’s guide for details.


thx, i have checked that. but need rom monitor on board, we don’t have that on our pc104 stack. btw, the Target navigator view cannot download my local host files to the remote target, right?

Sorry Eric, I am no longer with you. Can you please explain what you are actually trying to achieve?

I understand that you have a PC104 computer (=x86 target) with QNX running on it, with a qnx4 filesystem, standard installation from CD (??)

You want to transfer files to it. You can use:

  • Target File System View in Momentics IDE - requires TCP/IP and qconn running on target
  • FTP from any machine - requires TCP/IP and inetd running on target
  • TFTP from inside Momentics IDE - requires TCP/IP and a TFTP server running on target (not sure if QNX ships one, but should be not difficult to find one in Linux community
  • QNet, if Momentics is running native (i.e. not under Windows or Linux) - requires QNet running on both machines (no TCP/IP required!)

You can exchange any files using these methods, even the boot image itself (/.boot). Where is the problem?


I am trying to transfer files between target and my windows host, only thru these two machines.

No, it is a simplified image without graphical interface and with limited libraries and binaries.

Target file system seems only can transfer the files on the target to the local machine, while the other way not. i am not quite clear about this. i prefer this way in the IDE.