firefox mpeg


my OS QNX6.3 ,install firfox2.0 
i want to player video/mpeg ,but not found plugins 

please help me

QNX itself doesn’t ship any MPEG decoders, as far as I’m aware, and I doubt the QNX port of Firefox does. I know of some projects that ported video codecs to QNX. What format do you need exactly? MPEG 1, 2 or 4 (the latter, what flavor?)


One of the early versions of QNX 6, one they gave out at a convention had an MPEG player. Apparently there were license issues so it disappeared. It might be something you could buy if you needed it, but I’m not sure at all.

There is an old, somewhat broken mplayer port that can play some stuff. People have tried to update the port or port VLC but it never gets anywhere due to lack of enthusiasm in these parts.

Thanks all
i need MPEG 1 format , i install mplayer ,but i don’t know firefox How to apply it