I have used PtTrend to plot certain points obtained from a .dat file. Then have used cursor button to retrieve the coordinates from the graph and printed them on a corresponding label.I have the following additions to do but I have no idea how to go about them:

  1. The cursor should only move over the trend plot or trend spectrum curve and not over the whole graphic area.How can i achieve this?

  2. My graph requires a y coordinates from 0-7000 as a result the lower part of the graph remain invisible.How can I scroll down, since I find no option

Can anyone please help and provide code ASAP.


  1. Manually set the cursor to corresponding y-position in your callback (Ph_…MOVE? something like this it was …)
  2. Translate the whole graph in another dimension by compress/stretch whatever. mhh, been a while since i used PtTrend ^^.


thanx 4 ur suggestion…I will try using wat u have mentioned but could u please be more specific with what u meant manually …


Thanks,the PhMove cursor did work :slight_smile:
but the zoom part…I am not quite sure what to do…I tried to use PgReadScreen and PtImage area but I dont know how to implement them basically.

can anybody please help to zoom on a separate window

i ment to compress the total 0-7000 for example in 700 px, so just ust %YOUR_VALUE% / 10 as y coordinates.

Well Micro I have done that compression manually by a division of 10. thanx . but I want to extract that part of the graph and display it in a separate window or zoom it and unzoom it. Is that possible.
And I want a cross lined cursor with a horizontal and vertical line instead of mouse pointer which should move over the graph. Is that possible?if yes how?