monitoring boot process

I am trying to install qnx 6.3.2 in HP notebook dv2770, but during the boot process from cd the system freeze. In the previous hp version dv5000 (3 years old) that i was working the qnx 6.3.2 was installed perfectly. Is there a way to monitoring the boot process to detect the point at the system freeze? or does anybody knows where i can find a list of supported hardware?

Thanks for help

Hello Rperrones,
List of supported hardware:

A possible solution to your problem is to install VMware Workstation on your computer. Install QNX Momentics on Virtual Machine.


You can disable some stuff at startup. Press SPACE while it’s booting. If you don’t even get to the message that says press space… Then you could try pressing ESC to boot with a version with DMA disable. If that doesn’t work you are pretty much out of luck.

Not that his helpful, but curious, I saw the same loss of bootability on a 4xPIII Dell server. That is 6.3.0 works fine, but 6.3.2 does not to the “Press SPACE” message. I’d given up, but I’ll try the DMA disable and see what happens.