unable to mount usb memory in qnx 4.25

I check for Dosfsys
io-usb &
it creates /dev/usb
Fsys.umass &
then it creates hd1
mount -p /dev/hd1
it says: error No Space left on device
but creates /dev/hd1t111
mount -t dos /dev/hd1t111 /mnt/usb
unable to find Fatsys server
so i slay Dosfsys and run: Fatfsys &
I try to mount again and says: Corrupted file system detected

But when I check the memory in other SO is OK

What am I doing wrong?


Don’t try to mount. Fatfsys or Dosfsys should take care of it automaticaly, and mount the disk under /dos/…

Thank you very much
It Works
For other(s) with my problem:
Download the drivers
Comment the Dosfsys in sysinit.$node
Add io-usb &
Fsys.umass &
Fatfsys &
That is it!
Your usb memory is in /dos/c