fs-cifs mount windows shared folder error


I’m trying to use fs-cifs to mount a shared folder in my WinXP machine. The command I gave is:

fs-cifs -vv -L //mydesktop: /mnt my_user_name

But it always reports an error:

cifs[655401-1]: smb_logon: Permission denied
cifs[655401-1]: io_mount: smb_connection failed: Permission denied
io_mount: Permission denied
fs-cifs: missing arguments, or all mount attempts failed.
run “use fs-cifs” or “fs-cifs -h” for help.

Does anyone know what the cause is?


please disable your windows firewall settings and try it again
as fs-cifs -l //windows name:ip-addr:/shared folder /mount-point

with regards,

Make sure that the user name has a password; for some reason I couldn’t get it to work on an account that had a blank password.