Getting USB automount to work

Hello, I’m working on an embedded x86 system we would like to boot quickly. Skipping the normal boot sequence seems to cause the USB mass storage device automount feature to not work. Searching around in the forums (and on the net) didn’t turn up any answers. I think I have it figured out though: how to get USB automount to work from a startup script. Herer are my notes:

Getting USB automount to work:
â—‹ There is an undocumented utility called umass-enum. It’s purpose is to detect and automount USB mass storage devices.
â—‹ umass-enum can be seen in the list of running processes after following a normal QNX boot sequence.
â—‹ It is unknown who starts umass-enum: most likely diskboot.
â—‹ It is not necessary to start devb-umass. If umass-enum is running, it will detect device insertion and start devb-umass with the appropriate arguments.
â—‹ Using pidin reveals umass-enum itself is was started with the following command line:
umass-enum -h hd -d /dev -m /fs/hd -f /proc/boot/umass-enum.cfg
â—‹ The io-usb stack must be running before starting umass-enum.
â—‹ If the stack is running, but no umass drivers are loaded, entering the above umass-enum command line causes USB automount to start functioning correctly: hd devices appear in /dev and are mounted in /fs.
â—‹ The umass-enum command line can be added to one of the startup scripts.
â—‹ The path to umass-enum.cfg can be changed to one of the other standard locations:
/etc/umass-enum.cfg OR /sbin/umass-enum.cfg


draft version of umass-enum documentation