Problem cannot enter to my qnx2

Dear all,
i’m newbie in QNX OS, i wanna know more about QNX.
I have problem, i have a machine that used a QNX OS (maybe QNX ver 2.11). I tried to clone QNX using Clonezilla (Linux Based), but after i cloned, my master harddisk and my clone harddisk didnt work. Icant bootingand in my monitor displayed : QNX Bootloader
Boot to Partition 1
and never display anything again.

My PC : Compaq 307G series, Intel486
Harddisk 1,2GB

Can u help me, its very useful for me. My e-mail is:

thanks all

It seems highly unlikely that Clonezilla would change the original in such a way that it no longer works. Has anything else changed? Is the original hard drive installed in another machine? Is it connected to the master controller. This would make a big difference with QNX 2.

Cloning a QNX 2 disk by just a sector to sector copy has a lot of potential problems. The first has to do with whether the geometry of the disks are identical.

If something was changed on the original disk, then you will need a boot floppy to get anywhere.
Before we go to far down this road however, what is that you need a QNX 2 system for?

BTW, as QNX 2 systems go, 2.11 is ancient. It was followed by 2.12, 2.13, 2.14. 2.15A-G 2.20 and 2.21. So you are treading on scary ground.

My QNX used to be communicated with my PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Simatic S5 via com port. I’ve browse in google but i didn’t found a good reference for downloading QNX 2.11,2.12, and etc. Where can i get a QNX 2.12, 2.13, 2.14, or etc? It’s free or i’ve to pay for download QNX 2.12 etc?

Actually my goal is i wanna upgrade my 486 computer to new computer generation like Pentium 4 or AMD. Because a 486 computer is very ancient. I’m difficult to buy sparepart for 486 computer.

Now, i’ve downloaded QNX 6 RTOS, but i can’t mount my qnx 2.11 filesystem. and i’ve downloaded qnx2fsys too. Am i wrong?

Maybe i’m a very newbie in QNX. But i think QNX is a very good system that i have to be learn.

thank’s a lot for your help. I’m sorry if my english is very bad, because i’m from indonesia and still learn english. I hope you understand about it.


You would have to talk with QNX about an upgrade. You can start looking at The only version that they might sell to you is 2.20. You may have noticed that the date on that system doesn’t go beyond 1997. I don’t know QNX’s policy is on such an old system, but I suspect that it is available. Don’t expect any support, and there are few if any tech people who know much about it.

You will have trouble running it on anything faster than a 486, although I was able to load it on a 333Mhz PII once by turning off the cache to load via floppy, and then turning it back on.

You are not wrong. qnx2fsys was a read only file system for QNX 4.
Before there was Qnx2fsys I wrote a utility for QNX 4 that could read files off of a QNX 2 partition. If I can find it around, it would be trivial to port it, but then it would only allow you to read. Is that what you need?
Another more direct method would be to copy your files to a DOS partition, which QNX 2 can write and QNX 6 can read.

QNX 2 was an excellent system in its day, and QNX 4 and QNX 6 are each significantly better than their predecessor. There are a few problems that limit using QNX 2 today.

  1. No support, that especially means for new hardware
    eg. No USB, No SATA, No CD-ROM, No SCSI support past the AHA1540, the list goes on.
  2. Limited 16 bit memory model.
  3. Limited disk and file size support

Your english is fine. I’m curious as to how a QNX 2 PLC system got to Indonesia. Is it controlling some kind of manufactering automation?

Yes, my QNX used to control my manufacturing machine. QNX control many peripheral, like speed sensors, positioning sensor, and other peripheral. Maybe my QNX like a HMI (Human Machine Interface). In a siemens automation like WinCC (Windows Control Center). I will send you a picture for my QNX 2 GUI project by email.

A newer version of QNX 2 will probably not help. Unfortunately QNX 4 and QNX 6 are incompatible.

You need a QNX 2 boot diskette. Do you have one?

It sounds like you can boot, but you may not be able to get to QNX because of the way the manufacturer set up the startup. With a boot floppy you could get inside, but I don’t know how you would know what to do at that point.

Yes you’re right. Actually i have two PC with qnx system that connected by ethernet (BNC type). One computer as a master, and second computer as a slave. Master computer controll all peripheral of machine and can display all peripheral feedback. And slave computer just display feedback from peripheral of machine. Master can do anything and slave just display, maybe its different.
I can boot on QNX, but in master computer. Slave computer is broken because i’ve clone the harddisk that i tell u.

You might be able to boot the slave computer over the network. To do this, you have to be running a program on the master to allow this. Try hitting ESC when you see “node #” on the slave.

Some companies are still selling industrial 486 board.

I didn’t know you were blocked. I was thinking that the sellers might not want to ship to Indonesia.

Yes. I’ve had QNX 2 working on, 1) VMware for the PC. 2) VMware for the iMac (Fusion). 3) Microsoft’s virtual machine. 4) QEMU on the Mac.

The hardware support is limited. The only way I’ve been able to get files off and on the virtual machine is using a floppy, or a parallel port Zip drive.

That is very odd. I can’t explain that. It is possible that there is some mode for the Corman card to protect against you getting in, but that would seem mean for the manufacturer to set it that way. I’ll see what I can learn on my QNX 2 systems. I have three that still work.

Oke, i will try again, maybe i’m wrong.

I’ve had a chance to play with the network card bios. Normally you press ESC once and you get a small menu, and then you can press it again to get a larger menu. I think I recall that Corman had a utility that would make these menus unavailable, so that might explain your problem. Clearly it was short sited of anyone to did this.

I can entering boot menu by hitting ESC when display node#. Maybe its my stupid mistake, because my keyboard had a problem in ESC key. I change the keyboard, and everithing its okey. According to your advice.

But i still want to entering the system.


If you can get into the 1st menu, there is an option to boot over the network. This will only work if the boot file and boot node number is set correctly in the 2nd menu , and if the program “netboot” is running on the other machine.