PtAddEventHandler and Ph_EV_BOUNDARY not works! Please Help)

i have many widgets on main form in scrollarea.
i need atach callbacks to this widgets.
callback for mouse button press|release and boundary.
well, press and release works fine, but for boundary widgets don’t invoke callcbak for Ph_EV_BOUNDARY.
Widgets i did in PhAb, not in code.

sample of my code

int			CallBack(PtWidget_t *widget, void * data, PtCallbackInfo_t *cbinfo)
	printf("Type %d Subtype %d\t",cbinfo->event->type,cbinfo->event->subtype);
	switch (cbinfo->event->type)
		case	Ph_EV_BOUNDARY: 
			switch (cbinfo->event->subtype)
					case	Ph_EV_PTR_ENTER:	printf("Enter\n"); break;
					case	Ph_EV_PTR_LEAVE:	printf("Leave\n"); break;
		case	Ph_EV_BUT_PRESS: printf("Press\n"); break;
		case	Ph_EV_BUT_RELEASE: printf("Release\n"); break;
	return	Pt_CONTINUE;

and now i attach this callback to some test widget(PtRect in my case) on app’s startup

PtAddEventHandler(sv_arr[0]->Border,Ph_EV_PTR_MOTION_NOBUTTON | Ph_EV_BUT_RELEASE | Ph_EV_BUT_PRESS | Ph_EV_BOUNDARY,CallBack,NULL); 

well, when i\m clicking on it - events for Release and Press - works fine.
when i moving mouse pointer in/out widget - nothing happens!
but if i attach this callbacks throuh PhAB - all events work fine.

any suggestions?