help: measurement of kernel-call-time in a process/thread

Hi everybody,
i need some help for measuring time caused by kernel-calls in processes/threads.

First, i watched the statistics of CPU-Usage/Event-Owner-Stats in Momentics… but i only can see the statistics of the whole process/thread (user-time + system-time = runningtime). How can i get the time caused by several system calls?
I need the time of all kernel-calls of all processes… for example procnto, devb-eide and my own processes.

I use Momentics with Neutrino 6.3.2 on Windows and Ubuntu.

Some help would be very nice!


Look at the System Profiler Perspective in the IDE.

… and be sure that the instrumented kernel is running. In very hot spots it can be useful to use a scope to measure kernel calls, jitter, etc.

Instrumented Kernel is running, tracing works…

If i check the profile-summary, i can see times for interrupts, idle, user time and system-time.
In comparison with the cpu-usage-chart i understand the times for interrupts and idletime.
But i cant manage to check the system-time of a special process.

Perhaps i dont see the trees cause of the trees… (german adage).

Where do i have to watch for (exactly)?

Is your application compiled with debug enabled and the “build with profiling” option checked in the project properties?

In the application profiler view (not system profiler) you should see a list of functions and how much time is spent in each.

As to the proverbs, there is a similar Russian one: “Can’t see the forest because of the treesâ€

In Application Profiler i can see information about my own processes, right?
But i need information about all processes, the microkernel for example.

I have something in mind like (e = event, kc = kernel-call, ut = user- time, st = system-time)
procnto 4000e, 200kc, 20ms ut, 5 ms st
devb.eide 1000e, 800kc, 40ms ut, 38ms st
process-puchtel 10000e, 3000kc, 500ms ut, 100ms st

Is such a chart possible with momentics ide?

I found these evaluations too, but i have to evaluate on my own cause of a special project of my university.

Thanks a lot for your help till now… i hope, i can get more tips of you!


Did you read my earlier post : Look at the System Profiler Perspective in the IDE NOT the System information. Then you can check any process and look at any all the messages/event/transaction and mesure their duration.

Yes, mario, i read your post, and i look at system profiler view.
But perhaps i am too stupid or i didnt find it.

Where do i have to look exactly?
Could u give me an example for a standard-process of a trace file?

Is there a possibility to get all calls of one process at once?
In timeline i have to select “by hand”… too much work for some applications!

For the application that you compile yourself yes it’s possible, for the other no it’s not.

Ok, thank you!