PtLine weirdness

I have an application that has to draw a PtLine in a window with endpoints that are dependent on data that has been read from an I/O card.

I want to have Pt_ARG_ORIGIN anchored at a point, and then call PtSetResource with Pt_ARG_POINTS from within a PtTimer widget’s callback.

What has me baffled is that if I only update the two points in the Pt_ARG_POINTS array, the line doesn’t move on the window. However, if I update the Pt_ARG_POINTS and the Pt_ARG_ORIGIN, and then move the Pt_ARG_ORIGIN back to its anchor, the line updates properly.

Is there any reason why only updating the Pt_ARG_POINTS resource should not update the position of the line in the window?

I think it should work with just setting Points, but telling Photon to Redraw.