asynchronous messaging through qnet


Does asynchronous messaging work through qnet? I can’t find the answer in QNX 6.3.2 documentation.


It doesn’t.

Thanks for reply. But could anyone give me a reference to the document that says that asynchronous messaging doesn’t work through qnet? … queue.html
Managing POSIX Message Queues
“Since the kernel primitives supporting the asynchronous message-queue facilities are nonorthogonal with respect to native Qnet networking, the alternate implementation allows for message queues to be manipulated only from the local machine. Distributed access and the network-qualified naming of message queues are undefined by POSIX.â€

Steve are you reading this. The documentation is indeed confusing about this issue. None of the asyncmsg_* function nor the technotes mention that it doesn’t work across the network.

The function asyncmsg_connect_attach takes a nid argument which can add to the confusion