Help with multithreading

im new here… so hi everyone… well im developing an interface in photon, the big deal is im receiving data from an udp socket, i need to put this data into a multitextwidget of the interface’s log… the thing is i create a thread to call this socket, and receive the data, the problem is when i try to send this data to the multitext with a SetResource function the system crashes… well i been reading about IPC, but i still dont know what could be the best way to do this… by now im trying to use MsgSend functions, i send the buffer to a widget wich is a multitext… but aparently this function only support buffers as receivers… i hope u can help me… ill post the code if u dont understand my idea… thanks

there are different possibilities to solve this. Maybe the easiest way in your case is :

	int eval

	if ((eval = PtEnter(0)) < 0 && eval != -EDEADLK) 
	    printf("ERROR: %s - PtEnter failed\n", __FUNCTION__);
	    // access your widget here ...

(insert this code in your thread)

Look at … e/ipc.html

for more information.


thanks Pëter… u helped me a lot… i really apreciate it