Where can I get a source of IEEE 802.11 and orinoco driver

I implemented my own wireless NIC, which had only PHY and I had to develop the IEEE 802.11 software MAC.
I’m trying to develop just peer-to-peer communication (Ad-hoc) by a wireless NIC in each node. I don’t need the AP-mode now.
I also need to develop my driver for my own NIC such as devn-orinoco.
I had a experience to implement Ethernet driver such as devn-cs8900 but I hav no experience of wireless.

First of all, What are mainly different things between Ethernet(IEEE 802.3) driver and Wireless LAN(IEEE 802.11) driver ?
Second, What module or source performs IEEE 802.11 control/management in QNX ?

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The io-pkt source on Foundry27 has everything you are looking for.