I don't hear sound

Interesting, my sound system is working fine (on Neutrino 6), but when i go to parse.com/products/training/index.html and want to see presentation ( about thread for example) i don’t hear a sound. When i see in source code of the page i found this: <EMBED src="001-01.mp3" autostart=true loop=false volume=100 hidden=true><NOEMBED><BGSOUND src="001-01.mp3"></NOEMBED>
So the sound is a simply .mp3 file.
And i can’t understand why Mozilla and QNX browser (and the both) don’t open the sound file, and both browsers have installed plug-ins for that.
So can someone help me to hear… :laughing:

That’s because QNX doesn’t ship with MP3 support. You need to buy the Multimedia TDK for that. MP3 is actually is still patented and you need a license to use it.

Ouu, i understand. But I’m using academic license, can I download it ? Because on QNX Download Center, Multimedia Core is for commercial license?